Entreprise Keeseek -

One job One Home

The objective is to provide

a unique recommendation setting as follows

From :

  1. personal data stored by Keeseek, possibly including text (i.e. CV, statement of purpose),
  2. maybe some historical data for the user.

Point out/Provide a job offer:

  1. from a list of job offers in a database,
  2. in a given geographical area,
  3. with potential interest for the user,
  4. for which the candidate must be skilled enough.

Main issues:

  • text data mining such as information retrieval,
  • find out whether an individual will be able to tackle a job using both explicit or indirect (latent) data.

External relevant resources:

  • - Pôle Emploi opendata,,

  • - the new Google's Cloud Talent Solution,

Keeseek will also provide relevant datasets.