Image Search, Match the Fasteners

Mathematics: modeling, image processing,

About Rayce: Rayce is the ARaymond Network Center of Expertise. When an ARaymond Network company identifies a new opportunity or wants to improve a product or process that is beyond their expertise, the project is handed over to Rayce, where the innovation process begins – creating or adding value to materials, technology or an integration process. About Araymond: International expert in fastening and assembly solutions, the ARaymond Network imagines, designs and produces clipping systems, fluid connection and bonding solutions.

Subject: In an assembly situation (male – female parts interaction), from a real “female” part, by using photo search innovative technologies, propose a selection of matching “male” parts contained in the products catalogue.Real and virtual assembly parts such as photos from the product catalogue of Araymond and possibly 3D models will be provided. To start, typical male parts are a selection of clips and female parts are plates with holes that can receive the clip.